Rep. Eric Swalwell certainly is being defensive about that Axios story about his campaign bundler being a Chinese intelligence operative. His office will only give the press a short statement in which he says he hasn’t seen Christine Fang in nearly six years, but he’s ready and willing to talk about how President Trump might have leaked the story or the investigation he wants into … who leaked the story.

Swalwell hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing, which has MSNBC’s Chris Hayes wondering why he’s being so defensive.

Donald Trump Jr. was more amused than defensive when Swalwell accused him of meeting with a Russian spy.

It’s amazing how many liberals thought that a Biden victory would mean an immediate end to any negative press about Democrats. They’re really upset with “conservative” outlets like CNN and the New York Times picking up on this story, and they’re pissed at Hayes even giving it this much oxygen — he’s not supposed to mention it at all.