Whichever party you belong to, it’s endlessly amusing to hear politicians list all of the things they’re going to do on Day 1 and then the things they’ll do in their first 100 days. Joe Biden, speaking from the Office of the President-Elect, said that on his first day as president, he’ll use an executive order to mandate masks everywhere he possibly can, including interstate travel. But he also made an appeal to the American people: Wear a mask for “just” those first 100 days, at which point the virus will magically disappear.

Rep. Thomas Massie says that mandate will not apply to his congressional office:

It’s science. Unlike President Trump, he’s listening to the science.

It’s an executive order! But just for 100 days, starting on Inauguration Day, we assume.

Why isn’t he wearing a mask in this video to set an example? We thought Biden was going to be different than President Trump.