Nobody in the mainstream media but Fox News picked up on the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails, but as Twitchy reported, NPR went out of its way to release a statement that it would not be covering the story, because NPR didn’t want to waste its listeners’ and readers’ time on “stories that are just pure distractions.” This, however, is what NPR finds newsworthy:

Well, if the president of One Fair Wage says it’s true, it must be true.

A new report from One Fair Wage finds that more than 80% of workers are seeing a decline in tips and over 40% say they’re facing an increase in sexual harassment from customers.

“We were really shocked with how horrific the situation truly is,” Saru Jayaraman, president of One Fair Wage, said in an interview with Weekend Edition. “But I think the most horrific thing, that honestly all of us who are involved in the study were all blown away by, was the huge increase in hostility and sexual harassment.”

“Women across the country who work in restaurants are being asked to remove their masks so that male customers can judge their looks and therefore their tips on that basis,” Jayaraman said.


Apologies to anyone we offended by using the gendered “waitresses” in the headline.