It’s rich that our future vice president, Kamala Harris, was among the most vocal “vaccine truthers” who discouraged people from taking a vaccine for COVID-19 that was developed under a Trump administration; wait until Inauguration Day, and that same vaccine will suddenly be safe and necessary.

Now CNBC is reminding us all that, yes, you can be fired for refusing to take the vaccine.


MacKenzie Sigalos reports:

One of [Dallas labor and employment attorney Rogge] Dunn’s clients in the restaurant sector thinks a compulsory inoculation requirement could be a game changer for business.

“They think it gives them a competitive advantage,” explained Dunn. “They could say to their customers, ‘Hey, our restaurant is safe. All of our employees have been vaccinated.’”

It may be, in part, a PR tactic, but Dunn said it is totally within an employer’s rights to implement this kind of requirement.

“Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t take it, fire them,” said Dunn.

CNBC adds that a recent Pew survey found that about four in ten Americans say they would “definitely” or “probably” not get a vaccine.

CNBC does note three exceptions: religious objections, people protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and unionized workforces:  “If a work force is unionized, the collective bargaining agreement may require negotiating with the union before mandating a vaccine.” Let’s see what the teachers’ unions have to say about this — get vaccinated and get back to the classroom?