Frankly, we think Glenn Greenwald said it all when he accompanied his tweet about networks’ “little hall monitor dweebs” with a promo shot of CNN’s Oliver Darcy. Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley had a bit more to add about Darcy, who recently suggested that each and every tweet by President Trump be labeled by Twitter as disinformation: “Why doesn’t Twitter just take the step of labeling his entire account as a known source of election disinfo? And why stop there?”

Turley singles out Darcy for criticism over his question, “Why stop there?” after labeling every Trump tweet:

Darcy is calling for more active and extensive regulation of speech to protect users from thoughts or views that he considers false or dangerous: “Think of it as a version of NewsGuard for Twitter.”

“NewsGuard” has a lovely Orwellian sound to be added to other codes for censorship like Sen. Richard Blumenthal recently calling for “robust content modification” on the internet. Who can object to a NewsGuard, which Darcy describes like some beneficent St. Bernard watching over our news and social postings? Of course, what Darcy considers “disinformation” or what Blumenthal considers “robust content modification” is left dangerously undefined.

It’s dangerously undefined, but it always goes in one direction.

Where were Darcy and colleague Brian Stelter when Twitter shut the New York Post out of its account for weeks because it wouldn’t take down its reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop? Was there something that wrong with the story that the Post deserved to have URLs to its story blocked? Did CNN’s own reporters disprove the story?

What is PolitiFact going to do for the next four years when everything the big guy Joe Biden says is true?