Here’s a serious question: Will Joe Biden use Twitter? We mean, will he use the platform to communicate policy ideas and platforms, or will it remain as-is, with a bland social media team tweeting non-stop about unity and coming together and putting away the harsh rhetoric and lowering the temperature? It’s no surprise Twitter hasn’t slapped any warnings on Biden’s tweets; they’re all pablum and zero substance.

Jesse Kelly might flag this tweet from Biden that claims conservatives and liberals aren’t enemies. Sounds disputed to us.

As Twitchy has reported before, even those who eagerly voted for Biden aren’t buying into his “unity” schtick — Republicans are fascists and Nazis, and you don’t make friends with fascists and Nazis.

We should bring up Biden’s racist comments like “You ain’t black” during every single press availability and ask him to prove he’s not racist.

And seriously, we read enough Twitter posts to believe that millions voted for Biden just for the promise of “calm.”

We really need to come up with an alternative to the #RESIST hashtag, since that one’s been done already.

Yep, the Logan Act guy.

Everyone’s right, though, and it’s always the same: Democrats’ idea of compromise is, you do what we tell you. The media will be happy to lower the temperature in the White House briefing room, though.