As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, the media is out on the pitcher’s mound working on their slow-pitch softball game, with CBS Sunday Morning leading the way with its piece on Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ — and Biden told CBS Sunday Morning exclusively that they’ll be adding a cat to the White House menagerie soon.

In that post, we also told you about The Daily Beast’s story on a pet psychic who has connected spiritually with Major and Champ and can give us some of the inside scoop straight from the Biden household.

We’ll cut The Daily Beast a little slack; they didn’t reach out to pet psychic Beth Lee Crowther, but only wrote up a report of a segment on Britain’s “This Morning” in which Lee-Crowther channeled the dogs by looking at their photos and learned that Biden’s dust-up with President Trump is far from over:

“He is also very open-minded. They said he will lead the USA in a very different way to what you have seen before. They believe that crime will be reduced under him, and that he will be anxious to talk to countries about peaceful resolutions to conflicts.”

However, the dogs also revealed to Lee-Crowther that Biden’s troubles with the sulky and petulant Trump will be ongoing. “They said to me that he’s going into a big battle with Trump. There’s more to come. The fight is by no means over. They said what has gone on up to now will continue and ramp up, and be worse than it is already, unfortunately. But they said that Joe would do his best to defuse the situation, and hold his head up high.”

So the dogs think that Biden will reduce crime and reach peace deals with foreign countries.

We don’t know how the pet psychic completely missed the news of 1) the assassination of Iran’s head nuclear physicist and 2) the scoop about the Bidens getting a cat.