Bloomberg managed to make an entire article out of one word: When asked by a reporter if she and Joe Biden would be ready to run against Donald Trump again in 2024, Kamala Harris just said, “Please,” and “laughed before thanking reporters and walking off.” You know that laugh we’re all going to have to hear for the next four years — kind of a lower-key version of Hillary Clinton’s cackle. Always grating, nearly always inappropriate.

So if Joe Biden serves just one term like he said he would, that sets up Harris, who didn’t even make it to Iowa, as the Democrats’ nominee in 2024. Jesse Kelly started a thread that led to a suggestion of just whom the GOP would put up in 2024.

The Never Trumpers left the GOP and headed straight into the arms of the Democratic Party, but we’re seeing people online calling for Trump conservatives to split from the GOP and start, say, the MAGA Party.

If Republicans can’t find a candidate who can beat Harris handily, they don’t deserve to exist as a party.