We’re going to have a lot of hot takes Wednesday now that President Trump has granted Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn a full pardon. As Twitchy reported, straight-news reporter Andrea Mitchell of NBC News didn’t even name Flynn in her tweet; she referred to him only as “the disgraced ex National Security Advisor” and asked, “Who’s next?”

It will be tough, though, to top this hot take from the New York Times editorial board’s Mara Gay. The best part, if you play the clip, is the “Mmmm” from MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace as she enunciates her approval. Gay says we should all be shocked because Flynn’s pardon is a moral outrage, and further went on to paraphrase Martin Luther King by saying, “Never forget that everything that was done in Nazi Germany was illegal.”

Gotta get “Nazi” out of your system by January, so use it often until then.

It was liberals who were burning books this year when J.K. Rowling announced that biological females are women.

Barack Obama granted clemency to a whole lot of people arrested for firearms violations, usually in connection with drug dealing.

And she has a huge say in what appears in the New York Times every day.

Remember way back in the day when actor Ron Silver announced at Bill Clinton’s inauguration that “those are our planes now”? Wait until these liberal fascists are untethered.