Just to get things out of the way, we think the first-degree murder charges against 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse are a joke that will be thrown out of court because multiple angles from multiple cameras show that he fired three times in self-defense, killing two and wounding a third after being chased down. But still, clowns like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez think Rittenhouse is the example of privilege for being let out on bail — $2 million cash bail — raised by people who recognize self-defense when they see it. Oh, and Joe Biden’s campaign smeared Rittenhouse as a white supremacist, a myth which is still making the rounds, even by district attorneys who think a white kid shooting three white guys showed “strong evidence” of “racial bias.”

Ocasio-Cortez also asked, “Does anyone believe Rittenhouse would be released if he were Muslim and did the same thing in a different context?” We’re not sure if this was inspired by AOC’s tweet or if great minds just think alike, but MSNBC political analyst Mehdi Hasan also wants you to imagine if Rittenhouse were a Muslim.

Hasan writes:

Imagine if the 17-year-old’s name was not Kyle Rittenhouse but, say, Khalid Rehman. Would people be hailing him as a hero, a martyr or even “my president”? Would the MyPillow guy or the kid from “Silver Spoons” have helped crowdsource Khalid’s $2 million bail? Would his mother be treated sympathetically as a guest on Fox News? Would conservative news anchors be praising him for maintaining “order”? Would a Republican lawmaker be urging him to run for office? Would President Donald Trump have defended him from a White House podium?

Don’t be ridiculous; we all know the same conservatives celebrating Rittenhouse would be falling over one another to ask one provocative question after another.

As we mentioned above, it’s not really a privilege to be charged with first-degree murder and held on $2 million bail. But if there’s one thing some of the people triggered by that gun rights rally in Virginia don’t get, is that gun people stick with gun people. When they saw black gun owners guarding their businesses against looters during the George Floyd riots, white gun owners gave their full approval. And if they saw a Muslim kid chased down and beaten with a skateboard during a Black Lives Matter riot, they’d applaud him for defending himself against white thugs.

So what if he were Muslim?