President Trump, who’s still Commander-in-Chief for those who forgot, wants to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria before the end of his term, which has Democrats (and RINOs like Sen. Mitt Romney) arguing to keep troops in the Middle East. Andrea Mitchell relates that MSNBC foreign affairs analyst Brett McGurk claims that the only reason he can think of for Trump wanting to call home the troops is to “restrain the options of the incoming Biden administration.”

Not true, really. Trump can recall the troops, and President Biden can move them right back. Besides, Biden and his former boss, Barack Obama, had promised that all troops would be home from Afghanistan by 2014:

Both Obama and Biden (and Romney) made it clear during the 2012 presidential debates that 2014 was the deadline to pull troops from Afghanistan. Now Trump wants to actually follow through and the Democrats are complaining. They didn’t seem to object when the Obama administration was promising a drawdown of forces overseas.


As people pointed out in that other post, plenty are objecting to pulling out the troops, but they’re not really making the case for why they should stay … except not to tie the hands of the Biden administration.

Yep, and now they hate Trump, not war.