The Justice Department executed Orlando Hall in Indiana Thursday night after the Supreme Court cleared the way earlier in the day. CNN commentator Keith Boykin notes that Hall was a black man convicted by an all-white jury. What’s the point? Would an all-black jury have let him off? And would that be a good thing?

Joe Biden “planning” to do anything gives us zero confidence it will be done — look at his great success in pulling our troops out of Afghanistan by 2014.

Boykin notes in a follow-up that his first tweet “expressed no opinion on the facts of this case,” so we have to go to the New York Times to find out Hall’s story:

According to the Justice Department, Mr. Hall was a part of a marijuana trafficking operation out of Pine Bluff, Ark. In 1994, he and others went to the home of a man in Arlington, Texas, who they believed had reneged on a drug transaction, the department said. There, the group kidnapped the man’s 16-year-old sister, and members of the group later raped her, beat her over the head with a shovel, soaked her with gasoline and buried her alive, it said.

They kidnapped a teenage girl, raped her, and buried her alive, and an all-white jury disapproved.

Hey, for everyone pointing out Boykin’s need to clarify that Hall was convicted by an all-white jury, he’s against the death penalty for whites too, even murderers with Nazi tattoos.