Breitbart’s John Nolte reports Thursday on a Rassmussen poll that found that “a whopping 47 percent of likely voters believe the Democrats stole the election,” with 75 percent of Republicans saying it was either very or somewhat likely that the election was stolen from President Trump.

We’re actually surprised the number is that high, but the numbers don’t tell us the breakdown of Republicans who support Trump’s legal efforts, those who think it’s a losing battle, and those who are kind of happy to be rid of him anyway.

Rod Dreher says the thing he doesn’t get about the never-say-die Trump supporters is what kind of country they’d expect him to govern? “We will be at war with each other,” Dreher says.

Another question: What kind of country did Trump successfully govern during his first term when the majority of Democrats believed his campaign had colluded with the Russians to cheat Hillary Clinton out of the presidency? When they rioted and set fire to cars at his inauguration? When they marched on Washington en masse wearing pussy hats? When they impeached him for what Joe Biden actually did?

How many people voted for Joe Biden because they (incorrectly) thought 1) the rioting and looting would stop or 2) because they were just so beaten down by the mainstream media for four years and just didn’t want to hear mom and dad fight anymore?

But didn’t you see every single magazine in the country run “A Time to Heal” over a photo of Biden and Kamala Harris? Never mind all the chatter about truth and reconciliation commissions and deprogramming.