Vox’s Ian Millhiser can always be counted on for the worst takes. Yes, Joe Biden has been in politics forever, but that doesn’t by default elevate him into the ranks of great political talents. Barack Obama, like him or not, was a great political talent — his vice president was the guy who made friendship bracelets reading “Barack” and “Joe.”

In case it wasn’t made clear enough during the Democratic primaries or the general election, Biden hasn’t accomplished a lot in his interminable career in the Senate. He had to keep running for president until the Democrats literally couldn’t find anyone better and elected him. His own running mate stabbed him in the back during the debates for cozying up with segregationists.

Millhiser, though, thinks it’s wild that Biden, who was elected to the Senate at 29 and stayed there way, way too long, isn’t widely perceived as a great political talent.

Don’t get Millhiser started on what a great political talent Kamala Harris is and how she got her start.