As Twitchy reported Monday, Joe Biden held a press conference at the Office of the President-Elect (which is not a real thing) and confirmed that he was committed to canceling at least some student debt immediately — up to $50,000 worth per student — via executive order. That got the Democrats all on the same page, with Sens. Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren joining the Squad in tweeting about canceling student debt. Rep. Ayanna Pressley even called it a racial justice issue.

Entrepreneur and TV personality Carol Roth decided to pitch in with her own ideas for canceling student debt:

Roth really kicked the hornet’s nest with that one and she’d getting ratio’d. We were particularly amused by the response by The British History Podcast, which is apparently a lawyer in Portland whose avatar is a black power fist over the Union Jack.

We seem to remember some history about the British and taxation. It didn’t go well for them.

Most people in the comments seem to think just canceling student debt is the best way to cancel student debt. Just make it go away, so they can buy houses and have children.