In case you missed it, the memo went out that Monday was the day for Democrats to tweet about canceling student debt. As Twitchy reported, Rep. Ayanna Pressley considers it a racial justice issue:

And here’s fellow Squad member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

And Elizabeth Warren, who very well could hold a cabinet position in a Biden administration:

And Sen. Chuck Schumer:

Like a lot of us who went to college and paid back our student loans, Ben Shapiro wants a refund:

Here’s the Washington Post’s Karen Attiah, who ends up finding some common ground with Shapiro, amazingly:


We’re old enough to remember presidential candidate Al Gore promising that every student would go to college — what a mistake that would be. But now there’s a new generation of Democrat fighting for free college for everyone.

Is this the healing that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promised?