We haven’t been watching Fox News today, but there’s a pretty good chance they aired some footage of the Million MAGA March that took place Saturday in Washington, D.C., including videos of Trump supporters — including the elderly — being harassed and assaulted by members of Antifa, which Joe Biden still insists is just “an idea.”

The reason we assume Fox News aired it is because CNN’s Brian Stelter is talking about it. Was he on Twitter Saturday when the footage of these attacks was going around? Because yes, we were angry — some of those clips made our blood boil. Good thing Stelter reminded us what we were seeing was out of context. Our colleague Julio Rosas from Townhall shot some of those videos, by the way. He was on the ground there; as far as we know, no one from CNN was, at least not after dark.

We’d like to get angry about the guy at CNN who allegedly covers the media calling the videos of violence in D.C. out of context.

Brian Stelter has his crew edit clips and airs them under the banner, “Reliable Sources,” while real-time video from people in the streets witnessing assaults is out of context — got it.

Sounds like a news story to us.