We’re not certain if Target got a lot of complaints for carrying Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze That’s Seducing Our Daughters” or if it just took this one to get it pulled from the shelves and the website. Well, we would show you the tweet, but the trans woman who complained has protected their account ever since the story got traction.

It’s still a best seller on Amazon and has a 4.5 out of 5 rating there. Here’s a taste of the description:

Until just a few years ago, gender dysphoria — severe discomfort in one’s biological sex — was vanishingly rare. It was typically found in less than .01 percent of the population, emerged in early childhood, and afflicted males almost exclusively.

But today whole groups of female friends in colleges, high schools, and even middle schools across the country are coming out as “transgender.” These are girls who had never experienced any discomfort in their biological sex until they heard a coming-out story from a speaker at a school assembly or discovered the internet community of trans “influencers.”

Come to think of it, we have been hearing quite a bit about transgenderism recently. Check it out: Even National Geographic doesn’t want to assume the gender of a female who lived 9,000 years ago:

Target led the way with trans-friendly restrooms and dressing rooms so this isn’t much of a surprise.

One of this editor’s favorite photos is one of his daughter in Target holding up a copy of “Feminist Baby” that was prominently displayed. (Spoiler: Feminist baby likes to play with toy cars. That’s the book.)