Look, the Lincoln Project is made up of bad people — that’s just a fact. As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, the Lincoln Project was engaging in the targeted harassment of attorneys who were helping Trump “overturn the will of the American people.” Twitter pulled down the tweet because it was, indeed, targeted harassment. But the Lincoln Project said it also would be launching a TV and social media campaign targeting law firm Jones Day as well as its clients.

Jones Day, for its part, has released a statement hoping to clear up exactly what it’s doing:

It reads, in part:

Jones Day is representing the Pennsylvania GOP in pending litigation brought by private parties in April 2020 and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party in August 2020. In that litigation, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an order extending the statutory deadline to return mail-in ballots established by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania, through Jones Day, has sought review in the United States Supreme Court on the ground that the order is unconstitutional because it usurped the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s plenary authority to determine election procedures including the deadline for absentee ballots….

Jones Day will not withdraw from that representation.

And no, “Jones Day is not representing President Trump, his campaign, or any affiliated party in any litigation alleging voter fraud. Jones Day also is not representing any entity in any litigation challenging or contesting the results of the 2020 general election. Media reports to the contrary are false.”

What are they going to do under a Biden presidency? Democrats have already said they’re going to shun them. Guess they’re just going to build up a new, principled conservative party based on targeted harassment.