Gee, did any of the reporters covering the Biden campaign ever give it a second thought when Joe Biden or Kamala Harris would rush offstage without taking any questions? Biden knew he was well-insulated — look at the lengths social media went to to make the Hunter Biden scandal go away.

We’ve heard Tuesday that Biden is telling foreign leaders who call to congratulate him that “America is back.” We’re not getting any readouts of those calls, though, and Politico senior political analyst Ryan Lizza is starting to see some “discouraging signs” about Biden and press access.

But we thought it was a return to normalcy.

True story … in the early days of Barack Obama’s administration, the White House Correspondents Association actually did make a little bit of noise about Obama offering the least access to the president in recent memory. Here’s a flashback from the WHCA’s 2014 panel:

Yes, the Hidin’ Biden nickname still fits.