You might remember that on Election Day, the New York Times deleted a tweet in which it claimed that “the role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media.” The Times later posted a correction, clarifying that the news media only projects winners and reports results. In a tweet, NPR said that it would not be calling any races until the Associated Press had called them. Now that the AP has called the race for Joe Biden, that probably explains why NPR is tweeting that President Trump is “falsely claiming” the election is “far from over.”

It’s almost as if the media think if they call the election, those still looking to court battles over voting “irregularities” will just give up.

Fair point:

Remember when celebrities led by Martin Sheen called out electors by name and begged them to be heroes and flip their votes for Hillary Clinton? Hollywood didn’t seem to think it was over, even after the votes had been tallied and the AP (finally) made its call.