Jake Tapper has really opened up in the final run-up to the election, and now that Joe Biden’s been declared the winner by the AP and Fox News, he’s really opened up the tap. As Twitchy reported earlier, Tapper noted Saturday that “for tens of millions of Americans, our long national nightmare is over” — emphasis on “our.”

We hadn’t caught this before, but Todd Starnes scrolled by in our timelines and pointed out that Tapper has a habit of referring to President Trump’s children as his “spawn” — we don’t recall Barack Obama’s children called anything but his daughters.

Here’s video of Tapper saying, “You should check out the Twitter feed of the president’s spawn. It’s like rantings in crayon by somebody having an LSD trip.”

That was yesterday. On Saturday, Kellyanne Conway managed to tick of Tapper, and he responded with a meme:

Is it just us, or is anyone else getting the feeling that this is what to expect from the mainstream media until Inauguration Day, and maybe after?