You’ve seen on Twitchy videos and photos of the massive gatherings of people in the street celebrating the AP’s call of Joe Biden for president, knowing they’re safe from contracting and spreading COVID-19 and will never be shamed for creating a super-spreader event by the media. Buck Sexton would also like to put in a word for all the people who boarded up D.C. and other cities before Election Day.

Yeah, very seriously, leave that plywood up for a few days. The anarchists don’t care who won; their self-righteous anger defies party affiliation.

Stephen Miller also wants to recognize those who boarded up in advance.

Yeah, white supremacist militias were supposed to be out in force with their assault weapons forming a perimeter around the White House. Where are they?

Seriously, though, wait until it gets dark to see where this “Party in the USA” is headed. Antifa and BLM don’t suddenly love the cops because of the promise of a Biden presidency.