Joe Biden has talked a lot about unity during the debates and town halls, and how he’ll be the president of all of America because he doesn’t see red states or blue states. We all know that’s a bunch of bull, and there are plenty of people hoping the “moderate” but very pliable Biden is elected president so they can move the country radically to the left while he naps. It wasn’t Biden who suggested it, but MSNBC’s Chris Hayes wondered what to do with the Trump administration after he loses, and he landed on a “truth and reconciliation commission” — i.e., re-education camp.

Now CNN’s Brian Stelter has been triggered because of a “real quote” from Donald Trump Jr. at a rally Monday night. He said that by re-electing his father, “we cannot only keep making America great again, but we can make liberals cry again!” Imagine if one of Biden’s kids — say, Hunter — said the same thing about conservatives at a Biden rally.

This is the sort of thing that triggers CNN’s media reporter.


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