Joe Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, finally left his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard to campaign for his best friend over the weekend, and if you’d forgotten how the media covered Obama during the eight years he was in office, Los Angeles Times editor Jackie Calmes fell right back into it.

To report? Is that what she’s calling this?

The crowds are small and socially distanced at these drive-in gatherings, in keeping with the pandemic precautions that distinguish the Biden campaign from Trump’s larger, but riskier, rallies. Yet when Obama bounded onto each outdoor stage to U2’s “City of Blinding Lights,” casual in open-collar shirts with rolled-up sleeves, he removed his black mask as if ripping away a metaphorical muzzle he’s worn since Trump’s inauguration.

Out comes pent-up payback for years of unanswered attacks — to the cheers, honks and amens of his crowds.

Outside afterward, he grabbed a bullhorn to pump up party organizers: “Folks, seeing your effort out there is going to be inspiring. Don’t be discouraged.”

In that spirit, he leaves his rallies to Bruce Springsteen’s “Land of Hope and Dreams.” He restores the mask, with big white letters saying “VOTE,” to circulate briefly among voters. It will come off again soon.

How was the crease in his pants?

Calmes also reports how Obama called out President Trump for falsely claiming he spied on his campaign and for telling Americans to inject bleach. But most of all, it was a collection of praise by Obama faithful.

What was it that most enchanted you about campaigning for Joe Biden?