Here’s the thing: If Twitter is seriously going to put news stories like the Hunter Biden hard drive exposé behind warnings or even block links to the article, they’re going to be very busy, because there’s a lot of fake news and misinformation out there.

Richard Grenell is calling on people to report as fake news an NBC News story about gay couples racing to get married over fears that same-sex marriage will be made illegal. “The Supreme Court’s rightward tilt has some LGBTQ couples rushing to the altar,” NBC News writes.

Always count the sources. The piece, by Dan Avery, first says that “some” LGBTQ Americans are worried about the future of same-sex marriage. It then reports that “a number” of couples are rushing to the altar for fear of the right to same-sex marriage being reversed. The reporter talks with one pastor who says they organized “a series” of wedding ceremonies after Amy Coney Barrett was recommended by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And of course, the piece goes into Barrett’s “lifelong association with the insular Christian community People of Praise,” which has also “raised alarms” — with hysterical liberals.

Now maybe we could get Twitter to go back and fact-check all the leftist fear-porn stories about President Trump refusing to leave the Oval Office if he loses.


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