So the New York Post has been locked out of its @nypost Twitter account since Oct. 14, allegedly because the paper had posted information that had been “hacked.” As we learned from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at a Senate hearing Wednesday, they can’t apply their new rules retroactively, so the Post has to delete all of its posts about the Hunter Biden laptop and then repost them to get around the ban.

You could say that Twitter’s decision to block URLs leading to the Post’s exposé only increased interest in the Hunter Biden story, and you’d be correct. Though the mainstream media is happy to report on some nobody named Miles Taylor who just outed himself after two years, they’re ignoring Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner who’s blowing the whistle on Joe Biden’s involvement in some shady deals with China.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is the exception and had Bobulinski on as his guest for the full hour Tuesday night, and a reported 7,562,000 people tuned in to watch. By comparison, CNN pulled in just shy of 2 million viewers for “Anderson Cooper 360.”

We didn’t watch, but apparently, Bret Baier did cover it Wednesday, because it made Dana Milbank sad.

Yeah, we’re sure Milbank was a regular Fox News viewer, and now Baier has lost him.