A week ago, Rob Reiner, president of the Hollywood chapter of the Resistance, cheered as Barack Obama (finally) campaigned for Joe Biden. “And in comes the closer! President Barack Obama throwing heat,” he tweeted. But as many asked, shouldn’t Biden be the closer for his own campaign?

Now Reiner is exposing President Trump’s closing campaign strategy: to hold as many super-spreader rallies as he can to kill as many people as possible. We’re not certain of the wisdom of killing off your own supporters in the run-up to an election, but there you have it.

We guess Trump is counting on the virus to kill people, especially Biden voters, especially quickly, seeing as it takes a while for the symptoms to manifest and Election Day is only a week away. Reiner’s followers understand his logic, though:

We don’t believe Reiner is “somewhat kidding” at all. Have you been following his account? He’s tweeted that Trump “has essentially shot and killed 100s of thousands” and he can’t wait to “arrest the killer” on Election Day.

Can you imagine the cakewalk Trump’s reelection would be if the Chinese hadn’t sent their virus over here and the economy were up and running at full speed?