Kimberley Strassel writes for the Wall Street Journal editorial page, and she recently did an excellent piece outlining the charges against Hunter Biden related to his business dealings in China. Other media figures, however, pointed out how the Wall Street Journal’s news department had “debunked” Strassel’s piece and exonerated Joe Biden.

The news article explained that “text messages and emails related to the venture that were provided to the Journal by Mr. Bobulinski … don’t show either Hunter Biden or James Biden discussing a role for Joe Biden in the venture.” Strassel explained in a Twitter thread how the news piece didn’t conflict with her column at all:

Strassel is out Tuesday with another thread calling out Twitter for its double-standard in slapping warning labels on news stories, particularly those regarding Hunter Biden:

Do you think there might be a reason Hunter and company only referred to Joe Biden as “the big guy” or “the chairman”? Tony Bobulinski even produced a text he’d received saying, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid.” Guess that could have been any Joe, though.

This reminds us of the Biden campaign’s defense that all of those big cash payments from foreign countries didn’t show up on his income tax returns, as if he’d declare them.