Here’s Oliver Darcy, media reporter for CNN, the network that covered Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s swearing-in ceremony not as a historical moment but as just another potential super-spreader event. Darcy, who must have succumbed to whatever drug CNN puts in their water coolers to make everyone think alike, is criticizing — wait for it — Fox News for explaining that it covers rallies by both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Equal time is a problem, you see, because Trump uses his time to spread disinformation about the coronavirus, while Biden just lays out the facts.

We know, right?

CNN’s media tag-team of Darcy and Brian Stelter have long been wrestling with the moral question of covering Trump at all — they have a fact-checker assigned to him while Biden has reporters asking what flavor of milkshake he ordered.

Here’s Baier, the grownup, with the final word: