Since Brian Stelter is the media reporter at CNN, maybe he can explain to us who does the bookings for CNN and why they choose the people they do. You might remember that Stelter had as a guest on his “Reliable Sources” show Robert DeNiro, who discussed the Ukraine scandal with Stelter (the one that got President Trump impeached, not the Joe and Hunter Biden one).

Both the Biden campaign and CNN go in big with Hollywood celebrities, and for her segment on CNN to discuss the state of the nation, Christiane Amanpour had on Frank Langella, who played Richard Nixon in “Frost/Nixon.” Not surprisingly, Langella didn’t speak of Biden’s “dark winter” but he did warn of dangerous waters.

He “famously” played Richard Nixon.

He did indeed play Skeletor in “Masters of the Universe,” so he knows something about politics.

Way bigger than Watergate.

Funny how he “famously” played Richard Nixon but everyone remembers him as Skeletor.