Oh Tater…

Brian Stelter always wants to be regarded as a deeply serious opinion maker in the media. And Brian Stelter always manages to have his credibility undermined by the same source — Brian Stelter.

Currently CNN’s media maven is hard at work detailing for us how deeply serious this scandal is for Donald Trump. This will be a tough sell, considering how he declared Trump’s hurricane Sharpie map to be the biggest lie the president has spoken. (All while Stelter himself lied to “prove” his case.)

Now today the deeply serious man whose words we should all digest with the most import is going to have his next guest explain the momentous intricacies of this scandal — actor Robert DeNiro. HUH?!?!

That chyron probably did not have the room for the accurate phrase – “Why do we care if Robert DeNiro says Trump should be impeached?!”

What are these facts of which you speak? This is CNN, after all…

Ukrainian policy advisor Robert DeNiro had some pertinent facts — we suppose. After all, Oliver Darcy was particularly impressed by the deeply cerebral prolix.

Rob’s political cant actually had many happy.

You say this as if it is a good idea…

Stunted, uninformed, bile-filled vulgarities that are completely absent of facts and reason is what millions are thinking? Well, Twitter does seem to prove this…

Not everyone was swayed by his brilliance.


It’s true – they really are better than us.

Then there is a slight blind spot that Mr. Stelter seems to have developed in the matter of a few days. DeNiro called Trump “crazy” a number of times, and Stelter was not the least bit upset. He asked the actor — who lacks any type of psychological degree — to expound on this theory and explain how Trump is crazy.

This flies in opposition to this past Thursday when Stelter was aghast that Tucker Carlson had dared suggest that Adam Schiff had mental issues.

Ah, but it’s totally cool when your show does it, right Brian?

For clarification, Carlson’s comment was in reference to Adam Schiff’s dramatic reading at the impeachment inquiry.  Interesting, following Schiff’s fabricating transcript quotes there was no corrective commentary from Stelter. We are starting to wonder if his role as a media analyst is a part-time gig.