Sen. Tom Cotton appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Friday to talk about how “winter is coming” for the big tech companies that have suddenly decided there are published news stories that the public shouldn’t know about and that they have to slow the spread of or, in Twitter’s case, block URLs linking to them.

Here’s a clip from the interview that CNBC didn’t post on its Twitter feed. It’s only a minute and seventeen seconds … watch for the first minute as co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin tries to lecture Cotton on the “quote-unquote” Hunter Biden news, how news organizations aren’t ignoring it but investigating it (they aren’t — NPR specifically said it wouldn’t waste its listeners’ time reporting it), and how the Wall Street Journal exonerated Joe Biden of any wrongdoing (it didn’t). Then, exalt in Cotton dropping the bomb.

Tens of millions of dollars, years of President Trump’s first term over … a pee-pee tape that doesn’t exist?

For what it’s worth, here’s the segment of the interview that CNBC did publicize: