PolitiFact is giving the Trump campaign a “false” rating on an ad that allegedly takes Joe Biden out of context three times, claiming that he told voters he plans to raise their taxes. During the Democratic primary, a lot of candidates said a lot of things about taxes and fracking and such, but now that we’re down to the general, Biden’s policies are starting to take shape, and PolitiFact says Biden’s tax plan doesn’t call for “direct” tax increases on anyone making less than $400,000 a year.

So, since we’re talking about taking things out of context, where did that “direct” come from?

We were also assured by Nancy Pelosi that the GOP tax cuts were going to be “Armageddon.” Can we get a fact-check on that, please?

And we’re not sure, but did PolitiFact do a fact-check on that ad the Biden campaign pulled after its struggling bar owner was revealed to be a millionaire angel investor?