It was Sunday, before Joe Biden had called his 72-hour lid to prepare for Thursday’s debate, that a reporter had the temerity to ask the Democratic presidential nominee a question: what flavor of milkshake he got. Last summer, HuffPost did a piece on how Biden’s ice cream habit seems to be a form of “self-care,” much like Sen. Corey Booker’s mediation sessions.

We’d thought the mainstream media had blown all of its opposition research on President Trump’s ice cream habits with CNN’s exposé on how the president gets two scoops of ice cream, but it looks like they were holding back. The Hill is reporting that Trump once ordered malts during a classified intelligence briefing.

Here’s the years-old scandal:

Just a few months after he took office, Trump reportedly insisted to a room of senior defense and intelligence officials, that they must try the malts at his New Jersey golf club while they discussed classified intelligence.

“Does anyone want a malt?” he asked in the meeting, according to three former CIA officials who recounted the events to Politico. “We have the best malts, you have to try them.”

We don’t know what we like better: that three former CIA officials recounted the story to the press, or that anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton has any concern whatsoever about the handling of classified material.

We can’t believe The Hill sat on this story for years!