First, before we even get into the substance of the Associated Press’s hot take here, check out the framing of the tweet. Those arrested during riots are being portrayed by President Trump as violent left-wing radicals so he can scare suburban voters into voting for him to keep law and order. Never mind the months of nightly rioting we saw in cities like Portland on social media videos and people who looked a lot like violent left-wing radicals shining lasers in law enforcement officers’ eyes and shooting fireworks into the federal courthouse to burn it down.

Much as Joe Biden has told us that poor kids can be just as smart as white kids, the Associated Press is telling us that young suburban adults who “look like” regular citizens who got “caught up in the moment” account for most of those arrested in U.S. protests.

Wow, so young, suburban adults can be arrested for rioting too? And that should make us feel better how?

Don’t listen to Trump; most of those arrested for rioting and arson and looting are just young suburban adults, not violent left-wing radicals. They could be your neighbor’s kids.