Do you know what’s telling about the name Hunter Biden being completely absent from CNN’s home page? CNN doesn’t offer a story refuting it, it doesn’t link to the Washington Post’s alleged debunking of the New York Post’s story (which is still topping Twitter’s trending topics today), and it doesn’t even mention it in a “Republicans pounce” piece. There isn’t a piece about Twitter and Facebook trying to suppress the story. Even the Daily Beast did a story where they tracked down the owner of the laptop repair shop who turned over the hard drive to try to paint him as a nut.

Scott Adams offered a screenshot of CNN’s home page to show that there’s no mention whatsoever of the Hunter Biden story; instead, CNN’s lead piece Thursday is about QAnon.

But since they’ve spent four years painting Trump as a liar, the narrative is already set. “On Thursday night, President Trump pounced on unproven allegations which Joe Biden firmly denies.”

Yeah, they really have their finger on the pulse.