As you know by now, Twitter is preventing people from posting links to the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden and his emails, because the link has been determined by one of Twitter’s partners (the Biden campaign) “as being potentially harmful.”

Rick Newman, a writer for Yahoo Finance, thought he’d do some virtue signaling by saying his editors would never let him publish a story as flimsy as the Post’s, and he’d never claim to have incriminating details on a presidential candidate without seeking comment first.

Yeah, same guy. Wonder if he reached out to President Trump for comment before publishing that rock-solid piece of journalism.

OK … here it is, straight from the burn ward:

Is this the same guy, tweeting, “Hmmm sounding more like conspiracy” about the Russian collusion hoax? “Make Russia Great Again!” On what reporting did he base that tweet?

We don’t recall Facebook or Twitter censoring his piece, so it must have been rock-solid with unimpeachable sources. Newman does know that Yahoo News is the outlet the FBI used for circular reporting to confirm its own leaks in the Russian collusion hoax, right?