Finally — finally! — reporters are starting to ask Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, questions. It hasn’t helped that Biden (and Kamala Harris) haven’t taken questions at their appearances, but the media finally seems interested in getting Biden to go on record if he’ll pack the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett is seated even though people have already voted. On Saturday, Biden told a local reporter that American voters “don’t deserve” an answer to the question, and he tried some projection too by claiming it is the Republicans who are unconstitutionally packing the courts.

In an attempt to give Biden an assist, Sam Berger, a vice president at the Center for American Progress, has issued a handy chart of conservative court-packing that has nothing to do with Biden adding seats to the Supreme Court to ensure a liberal majority.


Center for American Progress vice president, so yes, disingenuous hack.

He’s counting on it to bail Biden out of an unpopular corner he’s painted himself into.

And Biden’s the one who’s promising to bring us back to “normalcy.”