On Monday, Twitchy ran a piece about a doctor named James Phillips, who seems to have TDS himself, which makes him a perfect fit for mainstream media panels. As we reported, he was very concerned about President Trump’s lack of tweets:

He also condemned Trump’s drive-by to wave to supporters gathered outside Walter Reed, even though the drive-by was approved by Walter Reed physicians.

Steve Krakauer noticed that Phillips removed “Walter Reed attending physician” from his Twitter bio the same day:

Our colleague from Twitchy sister-site RedState, @SisterToldja, found a screencap:

Krakauer has looked further, and it seems Phillips disappeared from a “COVID recovery” website where he was listed as a CNN medical analyst:

Krakauer reports:

Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Phillips’ medical advice or information is faulty or that he has a grudge against President Trump which is causing him to tweet the way he did on Sunday. However it’s worth noting that he’s also not a fully neutral observer, and just a “Walter Reed attending physician” who was so moved by the moment he had to call out the President. The media is so hungry for anti-Trump voices of authority, they instantly attach to someone who appears to be a doctor at the same facility Trump is being treated – when the reality appears to be different.

As far as we know, Krakauer never heard back, but if you want to find Phillips, just check any of the broadcast or cable news networks.