We’re going to give this to CNN’s senior media reporter, Oliver Darcy. Unlike his colleague, he seems to understand that on all of the cable news networks, there are “straight news” programs and there are opinion programs, and on those opinion programs, show hosts are going to give their opinions.

He seems a bit bent out of shape, then, about a Mediaite report about Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, a straight news guy, talking with a panel about those newly declassified notes from former CIA Director John Brennan briefing President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s plan to distract from her email scandal by vilifying Donald Trump and tying him to Russia.

As Mediaite tells it:

After [Katie] Pavlich briefed the Fox panel on the current scandal and called on Joe Biden to address it, [Bill] Hemmer claimed the documents show “the previous administration had dirty hands on this.”

“That’s outrageous!” [Juan] Williams exclaimed. “You should not say that. There is no proof anybody has any dirty hands.”

We have the notes, and now President Trump says he’s declassifying everything related to the Russia hoax, the “single greatest political CRIME in American history.”

But Hemmer is a straight-news guy and shouldn’t be saying things like that.

How can we ever trust Bill Hemmer again after this fiasco? Back to Wolf Blitzer, who’s wisely ignoring the whole story as it unfolds.