NBC News and Lester Holt hosted a town hall with Joe Biden Monday night that didn’t manage to grab much attention, seeing as the media were so laser-focused on spinning the news that President Trump was being released from Walter Reed and being allowed to quarantine at the White House, where he took off his mask (outdoors, with no one around) and shot a video telling people not to let coronavirus fears dominate them.

The Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson and David Rutz have put together a fantastic video showing a couple of undecided voters at Biden’s town hall who just happened to be featured earlier on MSNBC showing their support for Biden.

What a scam.

They know better than to put Biden on a stage with someone who might ask him a tough question; he’d probably poke them in the chest, call them a lying dog-faced pony solider, and tell them to vote for the other guy.


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