Joe Biden made it a campaign promise that he’d select a woman of color for his running mate, which gave us Sen. Kamala Harris, who’d dropped out of the Democratic primaries before Iowa and is now positioned as the Democrats’ presidential candidate in 2024 when Biden leaves after one term. But how much of that promise was pandering to progressives, and how much was it an education for Biden himself? The man who thinks that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” needs some help.

Now he’s trying to compliment all of the essential workers who made it possible for him to hole up in his basement for the majority of the campaign, and he thanks not the person stocking the grocery shelves, but “some black woman” who was able to stock the shelf.


Good point? Who’s stocking the shelves at 7-Eleven?

We don’t know, but that backdrop looks familiar. This wasn’t long ago.

He really should get out more and do more public appearances to help out the Trump campaign.