We’re pretty sure we know where CNN’s Jake Tapper stands on the issue of wearing a mask. He’s all alone in the CNN coffee room and he’s still wearing a mask, because he’s an adult, and abiding by basic health regulations is what adults do. (Remember when our leading health officials were telling us not to wear masks? Good times.)

We’re sure this is a not-very-subtle slight of President Trump, but we’d ask America’s cable news anchors the same thing they asked of the president back in spring; wouldn’t it be a show of leadership if Tapper and Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon all wore masks on the air to show how important it was? Journalists are highly respected people, after all, and yes, we can hear you through the mask.

Does he take off the mask to drink the coffee?

We’re all for Tapper wearing a mask if he wants to.