As Twitchy reported, on the very day that it was announced no police officers would be charged with the murder of Breonna Taylor, reporters on the scene caught a U-Haul pulling up and unloading a ton of prefabricated riot shields and protest signs.

One of those who captured images of the coordinated protests was Brendan Gutenschwager, who was on the scene in Louisville. Now he says Instagram has covered up the description of his video with a “Missing Context” warning.

PolitiFact concluded that the photo was “missing context,” and under “More information,” it listed Louisville, a U-Haul and George Soros.” We’re certain Soros was the sticking point for PolitiFact, but Gutenschwager never mentioned him.

Maybe that was the missing context.

But his photo description doesn’t mention Soros … even Fox News won’t let you tie anything to Soros these days.