We normally don’t write about random people on Twitter, but Dr. Bueno here has been getting ratio’d all day now and has only added to her thread, so we don’t think she’s concerned about the comments.

In short, she wants a refund or voucher from Airbnb because her rental in Maine was in view of Trump yard signs and other white nationalist symbols, which she later explains could include the American flag. These made her immediately terrified for her life, and she wants Airbnb to understand the trauma Trump signs cause a black person.

What “symbols of hate,” you might ask?

That’s quite a list … which of those fear-invoking symbols did she see in Maine, aside from the Trump yard signs? Did a police car go by with its lights flashing? Did someone in Maine have a Confederate flag? Were the neighbors wearing Klan robes? Pictures would really help us understand.

This sort of feels like an insult to people who’ve experienced actual trauma.