We all know how well it’s gone for Black Lives Matter protesters who harass people who are just trying to have a meal on the sidewalk and maybe keep a small business open. Unhinged mobs just don’t play as well on video as they seem to think, yet they record themselves anyway and upload the results. Shout out to all the corporations and sports leagues who’ve adopted this crowd’s slogan and plastered it all over their websites and basketball courts.

The man in this video is obviously a racist because he’s recording the Black Lives Matter mob harassing him, meaning that “right-wing media” can dox them. But why march in public if you’re afraid of being seen?

Finally, they give the guy a compliment on his shoulders (while accusing him of having a tiny penis).

Yelling through a bullhorn at people trying to eat dinner is going to go a long way toward ending police brutality against minorities — as if that was all Black Lives Matter is really about.