The biggest polling news Wednesday is that Mitch McConnell is stomping challenger Amy McGrath, but Pink News is out with a survey of 1,200 gay men showing that a whopping 45 percent are going to “forgo their morals” and vote for President Trump in November.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about global results vs. American results here. Josh Milton reports:

Indeed, the LGBT+ voting bloc has long been reliably Democratic. The poll conducted by queer dating app Hornet found that, overall among its users, around 66 per cent prefer Biden while 34 per cent support Trump.

But for queer Americans, pollsters said, the statistics were far tighter together. Just less than half of queer men said they do not support Trump, and a slither of just 11 per cent said they generally disagree with his stances.

Only 10 per cent emphatically said they do not support him “at all” and would not vote for him regardless.

Maybe Joe Biden is going to have to leave his basement a few more times and pander to the LGBT community: “You ain’t gay!”