Let’s be honest: President Trump’s candor and off-the-cuff remarks result in some of the best moments of his presidency and also some of the worst, especially when he hands the media something they can twist around and lead the news with for a couple of days.

As Twitchy reported, Joe Biden was in Florida today talking about the Harris-Biden administration and how it would take care of the nation’s veterans, apparently assuming no one there would ask him about the VA waiting list scandal under the Obama administration. Biden decided to take one of Trump’s comments about traumatic brain injuries and give an anecdote to show how serious they are.

The story he chose to share to prove his point, though, had wounded veteran and Fox News contributor Johnny “Joey” Jones furious.

A reporter should ask that after every Biden speech, press conference, and round table.

The cable news producers are busy scrubbing through Biden’s appearance Tuesday looking for a 30-second clip they can actually use without embarrassing him.