Austin Mayor Steve Adler retweeted a piece from something pretentiously called URBĀNITŪS that frets over Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Back the Blue” initiative to “seize Austin’s police department” and see a return to Jim Crow.

Huh … another Democrat fretting about “rhetoric that forces division with no solutions.” Do they have mirrors in Austin?

Remember back in mid-August when Abbott said that he would freeze cities’ property tax revenue at their current rates, forever, if they chose to defund their police? That’s what has them ticked off. Jeremi Suri writes:

Historians have documented how the pressure to pledge support for segregation eliminated the space for compromise: you had to be either for segregation or against it, nothing in-between. Many elected officials caved to the fear of alienating white voters.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Back the Blue” manifesto re-plays this terrible history. After repeated examples of police brutality toward citizens of color, and overwhelming evidence that the criminal justice system treats citizens of color in prejudicial ways, the governor has chosen to defend the status quo and bully elected officials to follow his lead. He demands that elected officials pledge “to support any measure that discourages or stops efforts to defund police departments in Texas.”

Yep. And Senator John Cornyn put it so well:

Wise words.

We checked Suri’s bio at the bottom of the piece, and no, no mention that he’s married to an Austin City Council member who backed defunding the police.


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